The Cave

Recently, I’ve had to review some coursework in Intro to Philosophy. There it is: “The Allegory of the Cave.” Men are stuck in a cave, unable to see anything but what’s right in front of them, and this is what life means to them. When one of their fellow prisoners escapes and tries to explain the world outside, they tell him he is a fool. Their own experience is the only “really real” thing in life.’

What @theneuroticblog asks is whether social media is reality? Reading from the ever-perky crowd, we compare and always come up short. They are SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy, and we have “issues.” Or we are pulled into the drama of the FBFs who are simply stenographers of their own lives of agony … from migraine to sick children to perhaps a case of autism, self-diagnosed. Grim!

The problem with having no boundaries is that we find it more and more difficult to tell the truth. “Do people think that my life is a rose garden, butterflies and unicorns? (yes, unicorns; because unicorns are not real, just like every Facebook profile out there).” No one who knows me would believe this!

The uncensored self is in danger as well … of over indulgence in ego, or under-indulgence in tears and anger and laughter. You will not know me unless 1. I trust you with my inner self and 2. I know how to describe my experiences with justice and fairness and 3. you neither take me too seriously nor too lightly.

I do have a few people whom I call friends, and the only way it works is to be truly, completely honest, and to offer my ear to them with compassion. Here’s to friends who speak directly to me, and who listen as well. This is what I consider to be “real.”


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Author of 14 self-help books, five still available: Prepare Him Room, Ten Steps to Peace, Healing the Abusive Family, Moments for Mothers. Breaking the Boxes: critique of institutions vs. individuals. Work-in-progress: Memoir (Sorting out Secrets)
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