Mudroom Meditation

Mudroom Meditation – What Are You Worth? Mary E. Latela October 10, 2015

“Come back when your vision is larger. Come back when you’re ready to build an organization. Come back when you’re ready to value your time and not work for free.” Why I Dreaded My Dream Being Fulfilled by  • October 9, 2015

This excellent piece caused me to spend some time thinking about whether and how I value my own work. What stands out is “Not work for free.” Before I realized the damage of doing, doing, doing for others without wanting or expecting thanks, I was caught in a sneaky web. On the one hand, I could congratulate myself on being humble. On the other, I could learn that smile that says, “It’s OK. I have more and you have less. Take some of mine.”  How do you spell arrogance?

I do not work for free. I wondered why people would volunteer to teach kids and adults to read, but if your toilet is plugged up, there isn’t a plumber in town who will fix it without charging that hefty hourly rate. It doesn’t make sense, does it? And yet we perpetuate a myth about service which implies that giving until it hurts, at least hurts your purse, or giving away freely what you still are paying off he students loans for is more noble than to charge money for your services.

If I were to preach for free, some people might see this as proof that I really don’t put much time or effort into this very significant part of my work. (This isn’t counting the people who tell you that the pastor only really works for an hour per week. )

Beth, that was a harsh response. However, imagine if you’d said, “Five figures per year.” You’d still be waiting for them to get back to you. You have gifts or you would not have been invited for the interview.  If mind-games were part of the hiring process, then YOU would have had a turn at asking the boss, “What was your first paycheck here?” [Pregnant pause.]

Hang in there. Keep on. And do not let any other voice get louder than your own confident, “I can do this. I’ll show you!”  And, forgive me, but I don’t think this indicates a lack of faith in God or a weak sense of who the Creator is. We are here to co-create, to believe in and act out all the very best goals of humankind, and for all creatures – big and small.

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