Violence is not Power

Observations by Mary E. Latela November 22, 2015

According to Anthony Romero of the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union): “In the aftermath of the events in Paris, we’re seeing a flood of disingenuous attempts to use the attacks as an excuse for fear-mongering, xenophobia, and the reinstatement of surveillance measures – many already declared unconstitutional and illegal – that restrict freedom without offering greater security.”

According to Irish Central (11/21/15)  “To [terrorists], every opportunity to draw us into conflict is a victory. Each attack firms their resolve, gives them propaganda material, sends them more recruits.”

So those of us who cringe at the knee-jerk – “we’ll kill them all!” reaction are NOT responding to the lower instinct of those who have no mouth, no ears, and no memory. In fact, these people don’t have to speak … the silly people who call themselves  “politicians” are pulling out all the polemic, and stomping and screaming  and carrying out their own scenes of uncontrolled anger.

I recall an old film in which Charlton Heston was walking onto the shore of what used to be NYC, climbing over the shattered Statue of Liberty after people had ended the world. We think we are powerful when we destroy. How can that be?  We are only powerful when we protect the ground on which we walk, and the people who walk this human journey with us. We are only powerful when we listen more than we jabber. We are only powerful when we listen deeply to silence.

Isn’t that a better way to mend this world?


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Author of 14 self-help books, five still available: Prepare Him Room, Ten Steps to Peace, Healing the Abusive Family, Moments for Mothers. Breaking the Boxes: critique of institutions vs. individuals. Work-in-progress: Memoir (Sorting out Secrets)
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