Frank Scozzari Hits Where It Hurts in The Wind Guardian

Review By Mary E. Latela


Frank Scozzari has masterfully assembled a thriller which will horrify and amaze the reader.

Back when nuclear power plants opened, we worried about leakage or meltdowns, or an earthquake send radioactive material across the nation. Three Mile Island was seen as a tragic fluke.

These days, the nuclear plant is a spit-and-polished, perfectly calibrated system, seemingly impenetrable. What hasn’t changed, and what worries us so much more now, is terrorism. Whether you prefer foreign or domestic terrorists, the lone wolf suicidal C4 laden one, or the team of idiots – you have all of them in The Wind Guardian.

In this irresistible page-turner, you get to know the buttoned up, tight as a drum boss, the no-nonsense “do your job” drone, the habitually late guy, the horny female who wants to just “do it” in the most dangerous place on the planet. You don’t want to know the snipers who are simply waiting for the right moment to plant ammo into someone, or the IT’s who can hack into anything that doesn’t breathe.

The cherry on the sundae is Scozzari’s ability to read and convey the range of emotions of his characters,   from casual to near paranoid;  as well as the meaning they attach to being so close to the Power Source, from humdrum to something akin to spiritual ecstasy. It is a brilliant read.

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