But It’s Research

But It’s Research by Mary E. Latela, April 23, 2016


York Beach Lighthouse

I grew up very close to Long Island Sound, in New Haven, Connecticut, and without realizing it, my heart beat must have been in sync with the ocean’s rhythm.  I smelled the saltiness, the  rhythm of high tide and low tide, perfectly timed by the Cosmos and reported in the Fatmer’s Almanac. Whatever the season – hazy-hot-humid summer, icy storms in winter and the in-betweens – lazy, gradual, fall and spring – I loved them all. When I planted my feet on the solid ground beneath me, the seashore was an anchor, dependable no matter what chaos occurred in my  heart and mind, at home, or at school.

For over a year I rented a house in Alfred, Maine in Southwestern York County, not too far from the bridge between New Hampshire and Maine, along I95. I visited York Beach as often as I could … it was – well – delicious. Entering from the south, I could use the walkway by the green streets, down to the American flag and monument to our fallen soldiers.

However, I needed the beach. Going North, I’d park by the rocky shore and walk as far as I could. My breathing  became deeper and more in tune with the tides – of course I recognized that phenomenon from my childhood. Occasionally, I’d walk down to the water, stick in a toe, then continue my walk. The ocean can be very cold. And sometimes, you could feel the barometer plummeting, skies darkening, and hurry to get out of a heavy, brief rain storm.

Thanks to  @berylskingston for reminding me of a place I have researched – with joy – researched by walking, by studying lighthouses, by eating by the sea, by just sitting and breathing in pure, fresh air.

Do you have a favorite spot to research, to be refreshed, to just BE? Share, please.


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