Weasel Shuts Down Particle Smasher

Weasel Apparently Shuts Down World’s Most Powerful Particle Collider

April 29, 201611:04 AM ET, All Things Considered, GEOFF BRUMFIEL


Have You Heard This? Reflection by Mary E. Latela, 5.4.16

“A small mammal has sabotaged the world’s most powerful scientific instrument.”


The Large Hadron Collider, a 17-mile superconducting machine designed to smash protons together at close to the speed of light, went offline overnight. Engineers investigating the mishap found the charred remains of a furry creature near a gnawed-through power cable.” (NPR) The Higgs is believed to endow other particles with mass, and it is considered to be a cornerstone of the modern theory of particle physics.

weasel-1_custom-s400-c85  Surviving weasel in mourning; asks for privacy.

In other news, devoted NPR listeners on the West Coast may have noticed a sudden minute-long drop-off of audio during this morning’s broadcast of Morning Edition. The reason: Today is Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day, and some [little angel] was messing around with the control board. The philosopher on site, munching a lettuce and tomato sandwich, muttered: “It is unclear whether the animals are trying to stop humanity from unlocking the secrets of the universe.”

Of course, small mammals cause problems in all sorts of organizations. Yesterday, a group of children (small mammals?)  took National Public Radio off the air for over a minute before engineers could restore the broadcast. One eager fellow touched something and the system went down… for a silent moment.

It’s all in the details, we hear.  I took an astronomy course once, when I was in high school, and other than being amazed at how complex this information was, I charted a diary of sunspots – exciting! These days, scientists and others are realizing that we can see tiny things from far away through the Hubble, and we can look though an electron microscope and catch a glimpse of clusters of little cells.

When you hear the reminder, “We are all stardust,” remember that the stuff of the cosmos is the same stuff of everything, including my ring finger. Thinking of this encourages people to self-acceptance and curiosity about what’s out there. We are easily wowed by things extraordinarily far away and other things to glimpse without assistance.

My young advisory board also pays attention. They have taken a factoid (little fact) and wondered who was to blame. They said, “When you were a kid, there were nine planets. Now we learn that there are only eight. What did you do with the missing planet?”

Aren’t they adorable?

Each day, we thank God who created all this, because when we are immersed in thoughts about real holiness, we cannot at the same time think about war and destruction.

Blessings, Pastor Mary Latela 8162283278



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