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Stories, reflection by Mary E. Latela 8/18/2016

It seems that I’ve been collecting stories for a long, long time. That’s good! I recall some lovely times with my Grandma, how she taught me to crochet, and always had a few minutes for me. I remember when she died, and could almost feel that she had not left me.

I have some sad stories, some very painful stories, and I have told some of them, and others need to simmer a while longer before I share them. .

I was reading about the Aleuts, those indigenous people in the Aleutian Islands, set like pearls practically all the way to Russia. Interesting! Before they were “discovered” by the British and the Russians, their lives were fascinating. When someone or some commission realized that money could be made by using this trail to cross over to what is now Canada, and when the villages were abandoned for the sake of politics and commerce, life changed.

However, the stories did not die. In the evenings, the men and women gathered and told stories. I love this rule. You were not to criticize the story… if you heard something not quite accurate, you had a couple of options. You could remain silent and respectful. And if you needed to speak, you could add your footnote as a possible alternative…as in “the way I heard it…” In any case, if you added you had to be sure to honor the storyteller and lift the story into a more sacred realm, so that in the telling, the story would shine brightly and both brothers would embrace.

Do you have a story to share? Or have you recently checked your memory bank for something long forgotten. Share it here.

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