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Ann Garvin Shines with On Maggie’s Watch

On Maggie’s Watch reviewed by Mary E. Latela, September 22, 2016 On Maggie’s Watch, Ann Garvin’s new novel, explores how a young woman who has lost her first baby tries to move on. She moves back to her home town, … Continue reading

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Immigrants, Refugees, History

History , Refugees, History By Mary E. Latela, September 19, 2016 Nicholas Kristoff, Pulitzer prize- winning journalist wrote “Would You Hide a Jew from the Nazis?” [Published the New York Times (Nicholas Kristof SEPT. 17, 2016] Ken Burns, who … Continue reading

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I’ll Tell You When I’m Ready Mary Ellen Latela, @LatelaMary,, blog I write because I can’t turn off the thinking, dreaming, writing button. Success with small press non-fiction starting in the 1980s. Formerly called “inspirational” my work is focused on reflection … Continue reading

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The Brightness Index

A Glowing Collection in The Brightness Index, September 5, 2016 reviewed by Mary E. Latela Verified Purchase(What’s this?) This review is from: The Brightness Index (Kindle Edition) Grace Mattioli’s stories gently move about highlighting the lives of ordinary, yet special folks. … Continue reading

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Reacting to Feedback

Chelsea Clinton (@ChelseaClinron)  opened up an important topic, highlighted in Harvard Business Review,  about the difference between men and women responding to feedback about themselves. So many factors come into play, that I thought I’d follow the trail for a while.For … Continue reading

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Writing – the Price I Paid

Mary E. Latela, December 19, 2014 I dove into writing because I had a wonderful English teacher in the eighth grade, the late Elizabeth Connellan. Besides all the readings and memorizing vocabulary, our teacher emphasizes good writing, including creative writing.  In … Continue reading

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Tea on the Terrace

Reflection by Mary E. Latela This page is dedicated to @berylkingston on the occasion of the publication of a new blog “Walk & Talk” I love birthdays, including my own. I am happy to be here at age seventy. I … Continue reading

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