Trump & his ‘extra-constitutional’ view of the Presidency

Reflection by Mary E. Latela, December 3, 2016.

Some days ago, I wrote about democracy and in particular about the need for honesty and integrity as signposts to keep us on the straight and narrow path of justice. I thought I’d said enough, until the royal blue and white sash sailed across my computer screen and slapped me on the face.

GOP rep: Trump has ‘extra-constitutional’ view of presidency

Now I realize that this does not mean that our President-elect has a special dose of understanding the Constitution and the way our government works. No, it’s not about an extra scoop of mocha chip or vanilla. It is, seriously, about answering the question, “Art you in or out?

Plainly, Mr. Trump does not always use the Constitution as a guide, but as a sort of far away wispy idea which dares him to knock it down. He thinks and he acts as if the constitution is “irrelevant” “unnecessary” or “only as valuable as the land it’s sitting on.”

Isn’t this a little frightening? Spare us another pathetic “Let’s give him more time.” There is a kernel of truth: in business, you’re not always checking whether your decisions make money or policy, whether you are storing up more prestige in high circles or more clout to speak out for the marginalized. Michigan  Rep Justin Amash, founder of the House Liberty Caucus, says it isn’t worrisome. Given time, all will be well. 

As a creative worrier, I know that it is very easy to slide down the ego ladder when you are not grounded in principles which guide your thinking and acting. And for the man or woman who will take the Oath of Office of President of the United States, it is Necessary, not optional, to consider seriously the history of this nation, the great minds which wrote down the rules and values, and the many dedicated persons who remind us why we are here, and what we call ourselves a great Nation.  


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