Already; Not Yet

Reflection by Mary E. Latela, December 24, 2016

It is Christmas Eve, 2016, and I have just returned from a candlelight Service with Pastor Bradford Bray preaching a stunning sermon on the birth of Jesus, and how that is a sign of our call to remember and renew his birth in each of us. The otherwise simple tale becomes opera; the language becomes oratory.

I needed to prolong the serenity of that gathering so I turned to the CD I purchased for a 65th anniversary months ago. Thanks to you, Father David, and to the Passionist Retreat Center in West Hartford, Connecticut, where we met many years ago. We were trying, straining to find out where our respective vocations might take us/lead us. In that space, we stretched to deal with very sick people, a demanding schedule and constant fatigue. There were tears. There was laughter, and always, music. I know that flute. I played the piano to accompany him. We know the same songs..

I have heard that Gospel many, many times, wondering what I am missing, until Pastor Brad said the word birth. This birth of Jesus of Nazareth is more than a wish or a longing. We are tied into the narrative, because Jesus  wants each of us to give birth again to the Beloved Precious One.


  1. Here in the Heart of God. Produced and Directed, Rev. David Cinquegrani, C.P., Director of the Retreat Center in West Hartford, CT
  2. Candlelight Service. Rev. Bradford Bray, ELCA, Blue Springs, MO All rights reserved.


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