Lies, Bad Language, Body-Slamming

Reflection by Mary E. Latela

The “innocent by-standers” who would not speak, went along with the notion that after all the votes were counted, life would be better. They forgot or erased what they had seen and heard prior to the election: lies (renamed fake truths), foul-language (which our parents would have responded to with soap-in-mouth), and physical aggression – pushing, moving those with opposing views out of the way. Last night, a reporter from the Guardian, was body-slammed – we have the audio – by a candidate whose vote comes up today. (first reported on MSNBC)

Stop! Before you and I try to simply add this to the pile of dirty and newly soiled laundry collected in state after state, and move on – remember that there is no laundry man or woman who will clean up this mess. The task falls to the rest of us.

Today’s “political correctness” means opposing those liberals, those reporters, the media, the other, the poor. Name-calling ranges from impolite to inaccurate, and springs forth mostly from an unwillingness to step out of our box. After her interview with our new HUD secretary, Ben Carson, CNN’s Saba Hamedy wrote: “HUD secretary Ben Carson: Poverty is largely ‘a state of mind” ( Saba Hamedy, CNN, Updated 8:32 AM ET, Thu May 25, 2017)

There used to be a speech contest for students, and the title was “I am an American and I speak for democracy.” If I cannot say that now, and mean every word, then, yes, there is a danger of autocracy, continued lying, foul mouthed adults and children, and even physical violence.

Remember “Les Miserables”? Melodrama, but it was basically a true, ugly part of history, in France.

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Author of 14 self-help books, five still available: Prepare Him Room, Ten Steps to Peace, Healing the Abusive Family, Moments for Mothers. Breaking the Boxes: critique of institutions vs. individuals. Work-in-progress: Memoir (Sorting out Secrets)
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