How I Transformed Myself from a Scaredy Cat into a Lioness (Part I)
by Mary E. Latela, July 30, 2017

Trauma is the larger issue,
but I had to focus inwardly to deal with it.
I had a clear memory of an incident from my past,
in which he violated me in the night.
My mother asked me about this,
and I said, yes, it was true.
She did nothing.

Next came my inner struggles with betrayal, fear, PTSD.
Having an insightful therapist and an Anam Cara (spiritual friend)
I decided to tell this story with my name attached.
I also found a mindfulness teacher.
I read about research.
I wrote and wrote, free-wrote, that is.

I wrote about that incident hammering into my spirit.

The perfect venue came up when a publisher read my piece

and embedded it in a women’s e-magazine.

Seeing my vignette in print with my name attached
offered a powerful healing experience.

I lifted my depression by pouncing on it,
wrapping my scared self around it,
then replacing helplessness
with something new, namely courage.
I am so glad I told the story.
I had never discussed this except in therapy,
so I had never really told it before.


About @LatelaMary

Author of 14 self-help books, five still available: Prepare Him Room, Ten Steps to Peace, Healing the Abusive Family, Moments for Mothers. Breaking the Boxes: critique of institutions vs. individuals. Work-in-progress: Memoir (Sorting out Secrets)
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