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The Fruitful Darkness by Joan Halifax, reflection by Mary Latela, 4/22/18. Joan Halifax is the Founder and Abbott of Upaya Zen Center, a Zen Buddhist practice, service, and training center located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The vision of this … Continue reading

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A Writer? Who, Me?

7 Steps I Took Through the Mine Fields Above my Heart Chakrah Before I Decided   to call Myself an Author! Mary Ellen Latela Reprinted 7/9/2017 Seven Steps on the Writing Ladder Having the Tools Mom was very busy with … Continue reading

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June Jamboree

May your hands always be busy … May your feet always be swift…
May you have a strong foundation (Dylan) Continue reading

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The Price I Paid for Being a Writer

Reflection by Mary E Latela, @LatelaMary, November 6, 2016 I began to write seriously because I had a wonderful English teacher in the eighth grade, the late Elizabeth Connellan. Besides all the readings and memorizing vocabulary, our teacher emphasized good … Continue reading

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In Response to Ann Garvin

In Response to Ann Garvin’s I Like you Better When You’re Not Here Reviewed Mary E. Latela 7/13/2016 Dear Ann, I could have been swallowed up in your novel – I understand that it’s just not healthy to take care … Continue reading

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My Brilliant Friend

My Brilliant Friend: Neapolitan Novels, Book One Paperback – September 25, 2012  by Elena Ferrante  (Author), Ann Goldstein (Translator)  Reviewed by Mary E. Latela, May 5, 2016 Our relatives arrived in the States from Italy between 1900 and 1921. My maternal grandma and grandpa lived in the … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon

Reflection by Mary E. Latela April 18, 2016 Did you watch the Boston Marathon? I had to watch, and it was sweet! Of course, I had some worry about history repeating itself and another tragic event occurring in real time. … Continue reading

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Cathy Lamb’s Very Best Friend

Reviewed April 15, 2016 By  Mary E. Latela, @LatelaMary, My Very Best Friend, Cathy Lamb. Kensington Books, 2015. Charlotte Mackintosh has a best friend, Bridget. They spent their growing up years in Scotland, until Charlotte suddenly moved to a secluded island … Continue reading

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I Should Have Just Said, “No!”

 I Should Have Just Said “No!”  Mary Latela, 3/25/16 I suppose I should have been skeptical that a fairly nice looking man wanted to spend more and more time with me. … First he wrote me a note, identifying himself … Continue reading

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Sisterhood? Amazing! Mary E. Latela March 15, 2016 I was curious about friends who identified as introverts, particularly those who are writers/authors/editors. Wonderful teacher @CreativeFriend has a great post about her personality. Joanna Penn, who writes books to help writers … Continue reading

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