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Diplomatic Voice, Please

Reflection by Mary E. Latela, August 8, 2017 “They will be met with fire, fury and, frankly, power, the likes of which this world has never seen before,” said the President on this fine day. Here’s a thought:  So here’s … Continue reading

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Mom, Don’t Say Anything

Reflection by Mary E. Latela, 7/24/2017 Ann Garvin put out some prompts this morning and they opened the floodgates of memories of my daughter starting college 15 years ago. At the parents’ gathering, we were welcomed by the college administrators. … Continue reading

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Reacting to Feedback

Chelsea Clinton (@ChelseaClinron)  opened up an important topic, highlighted in Harvard Business Review,  about the difference between men and women responding to feedback about themselves. So many factors come into play, that I thought I’d follow the trail for a while.For … Continue reading

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Succeed as a Writer? Yes, you can!

Reflection by Mary E. Latela. Thanks to Jeff Goins for the seeds for this essay. I just read Jeff Goins in-your-face, honest essay about why so few people make it as a writer. Jeff, I look at this a little … Continue reading

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Me too!

I Know How That Feels by Mary E. Latela, June 4, 2016 At Lit Hub today, I was curious to see what Matthew Norman (author of Domestic Violets) had to say about: “What to Do When No One Shows Up … Continue reading

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Dutch Masters Display in Kansas City

Rembrandt, Vermeer Exhibit in Kansas City Mary E. Latela, May 13, 2016   The opportunity to see the work of Rembrandt, Vanmeer, and other Dutch masters resulted in a refreshing stroll through a lavish period of art in Holland, during … Continue reading

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Weasel Shuts Down Particle Smasher

Weasel Apparently Shuts Down World’s Most Powerful Particle Collider April 29, 201611:04 AM ET, All Things Considered, GEOFF BRUMFIEL   Have You Heard This? Reflection by Mary E. Latela, 5.4.16 “A small mammal has sabotaged the world’s most powerful scientific instrument.” The Large … Continue reading

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But It’s Research

But It’s Research by Mary E. Latela, April 23, 2016 I grew up very close to Long Island Sound, in New Haven, Connecticut, and without realizing it, my heart beat must have been in sync with the ocean’s rhythm.  I smelled … Continue reading

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It’s My Vote!

Reflection by Mary E. Latela, March 3, 2016 For several decades, voting in most states was limited to white male landowners, called freeholders. Gradually, the franchise, or right to vote, expanded to include non-landowners, then African-American men, then women, and … Continue reading

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Let the Children Learn

Let the Children Learn (Part II) by Mary Latela @LatelaMary In Grade 9, the year of Algebra, our class was treated to “the New Math.” This was a very theoretical version from the Yale Math Study Group. Equations? I didn’t … Continue reading

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