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National Women’s History Museum Mary E. Latela, M.Div., (copy) Joan Wages, WHM President Dear Ms Wages: I read with enthusiasm your latest NWHM newsletter on the place of women in the computer field. As a women’s issue specialist, I have been … Continue reading

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On Fire for Freedom

On Fire for Freedom by Mary E. Latela, November 3, 2014 We decided to join a political party when a young man came along, who seemed afire with enthusiasm for a better way, for a truly united nation, where people were not … Continue reading

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Newtown Parents Attacked Again

Newtown Parents Hit Again, by Mary E. Latela,  October 15, 2016 All I had were tears!  Underneath, my anger seethed up, too. “State Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis granted a motion by Remington Arms to strike the lawsuit by the … Continue reading

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Mother’s Voice Mother’s Voice Reflection by Mary E. Latela, 10/08/2016 Many of us who have given birth have a feeling that baby knows us, knows the sound of our voice, before birth. As a corollary, we find that we can … Continue reading

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I Cannot Tell a Lie… Can You?

Reflection, Mary E. Latela, August 7, 2016 Tell the truth. Be yourself. Do not lie because the world is so mixed up and you need to be understood for who you are and what you believe.  

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Beach Season in Four Movements

Reviewed by Mary E. Latela, July 2, 2016 Beach Season is a sparkling set of four bright novellas by master-storyteller Lisa Jackson, practical, deep thinker Cathy Lamb, Holly Chamberlin’s excellent analysis of relatives, friends and what makes or breaks them, … Continue reading

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Those Promises

1945 WAITING by Mary E. Latela In January of the year I was born, my mother and father, who had spent a month after their wedding in NYC, said farewell, Dad returned to duty, and Mom boarded the train and … Continue reading

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Dutch Masters Display in Kansas City

Rembrandt, Vermeer Exhibit in Kansas City Mary E. Latela, May 13, 2016   The opportunity to see the work of Rembrandt, Vanmeer, and other Dutch masters resulted in a refreshing stroll through a lavish period of art in Holland, during … Continue reading

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Reflection by Mary E. Latela, May 5, 2016 In Intro to Bioethics: A Religious Perspective (Panicola, Anthem Press), the final test was to choose a case we had not studied, analyze it, and write a full report as if we … Continue reading

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Weasel Shuts Down Particle Smasher

Weasel Apparently Shuts Down World’s Most Powerful Particle Collider April 29, 201611:04 AM ET, All Things Considered, GEOFF BRUMFIEL   Have You Heard This? Reflection by Mary E. Latela, 5.4.16 “A small mammal has sabotaged the world’s most powerful scientific instrument.” The Large … Continue reading

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