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Liu Xiaobo has Died

Liu Xiaobo has Died Reflection by Mary E. Latela, 7/15/2017 Liu was a scholar, a writer, whose inspiration forced him to call out human right decimation in China. Nick Kristof of the New York Times notes: “The Mandela of our … Continue reading

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A Writer? Who, Me?

7 Steps I Took Through the Mine Fields Above my Heart Chakrah Before I Decided   to call Myself an Author! Mary Ellen Latela Reprinted 7/9/2017 Seven Steps on the Writing Ladder Having the Tools Mom was very busy with … Continue reading

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Review of The Great Spring

Natalie Goldberg weaves a mosaic of zen and writing, stories, and vivid side trips in a Must-Read Book. Review by Mary E. Latela, June 11, 2017 Natalie Goldberg exists between two rocky places – writing and zen, and she manages to … Continue reading

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The Day I Lost You is Magical

Fionnuala Kearney Reaches Brilliance in The Day I Lost You Reviewed by  Mary E. Latela on November 17, 2016 When I learned that Fionnuala Kearney had a new novel, I rushed to purchase it and read it. What a ride! … Continue reading

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The Price I Paid for Being a Writer

Reflection by Mary E Latela, @LatelaMary, November 6, 2016 I began to write seriously because I had a wonderful English teacher in the eighth grade, the late Elizabeth Connellan. Besides all the readings and memorizing vocabulary, our teacher emphasized good … Continue reading

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When You Allow Others to Comment

Reflection by Mary E. Latela     August 27, 2016. The following blurb was posted on Twitter: (8/27/16, n.a.): “You must be open to criticism. You must be open to revising more times than you think you can stomach[] if you refuse to listen to … Continue reading

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Stories to Tell

The Aleut Peoples, wordpress Stories, reflection by Mary E. Latela 8/18/2016 It seems that I’ve been collecting stories for a long, long time. That’s good! I recall some lovely times with my Grandma, how she taught me to crochet, and … Continue reading

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Beach Season in Four Movements

Reviewed by Mary E. Latela, July 2, 2016 Beach Season is a sparkling set of four bright novellas by master-storyteller Lisa Jackson, practical, deep thinker Cathy Lamb, Holly Chamberlin’s excellent analysis of relatives, friends and what makes or breaks them, … Continue reading

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Threats to Take Away the Kids

Mary E. Latela             March 6, 2016 Since a mother trying to protect her children while also trying to either mend a bad marriage – which is usually futile – or to keep the home … Continue reading

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Pushy – No! Assertive – Yes!

Pushy – No!   Assertive – Yes!  Mary E. Latela October 26, 2015 I read about the qualities writers should develop in order to be a good marketer. Yes, my Dad was in Sales, and he had a personality to go with … Continue reading

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