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Wedding …

WEDDING DAY On the wedding day, I did look lovely. All the relatives came. The message of the day was based on a reading on trusting God. But the party was hardly over when I awoke to reality. We were … Continue reading

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Story that Saved My Life

Turning point …   Mary E Latela, March 6, 2016… The story that saved me was entitled “The Burning Bed.” (published 1/1/1980) by Faith McNulty, about Francine Hughes, a battered wife, who killed her husband after he made her burn … Continue reading

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Mudroom Meditation

Mudroom Meditation – What Are You Worth? Mary E. Latela October 10, 2015 “Come back when your vision is larger. Come back when you’re ready to build an organization. Come back when you’re ready to value your time and not … Continue reading

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If You Think You’ve Been Scooped, STOP!

October 4, 2015 Mary E. Latela On the pages of SheWrites, I’ve read the bittersweet stories of several writers who say they have been scooped. They have been focusing on a great project, have started the research, and have even … Continue reading

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I Never Thought I Would be a Substitute Teacher

When you’re shifting gears in your career, perhaps moving from a part-time position to full-time, you may have to fill the gaps with some other work. I did that by becoming a substitute teacher. A substitute teacher?! When I was a … Continue reading

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