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Bright Red, Snowy White, and Sky Blue

Reflection by  Mary E. Latela, Independence Day, 2017 I was ready to enter a cave for the weekend, feeling rather down about how the current D.C. situation is trying to erode what makes America great. People hold meetings; the Secy. … Continue reading

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National Women’s History Museum Mary E. Latela, M.Div., (copy) Joan Wages, WHM President Dear Ms Wages: I read with enthusiasm your latest NWHM newsletter on the place of women in the computer field. As a women’s issue specialist, I have been … Continue reading

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Reacting to Feedback

Chelsea Clinton (@ChelseaClinron)  opened up an important topic, highlighted in Harvard Business Review,  about the difference between men and women responding to feedback about themselves. So many factors come into play, that I thought I’d follow the trail for a while.For … Continue reading

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Let me share something I just realized!

 Think It Over ~  Reflection, Mary Latela, 8/20/2016 For many years, every decision I made was based on either fear or impulse. In fear, I took flight, went away, and lost valuable time/space which I never redeemed. Once I lost 10 … Continue reading

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Stories to Tell

The Aleut Peoples, wordpress Stories, reflection by Mary E. Latela 8/18/2016 It seems that I’ve been collecting stories for a long, long time. That’s good! I recall some lovely times with my Grandma, how she taught me to crochet, and … Continue reading

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“Yes, I can.”

Rachel Maddow & Elizabeth Warren (MSNBC)  June 10, 2016 MADDOW: With that kind of a vision, I have one last question for you. You’ll know what I’m getting at but take my question literally. WARREN: OK. MADDOW: And I know you’re … Continue reading

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Peace without War?

Toward a More Peaceful Community Reflection by Mary E. Latela, M.Div. Representatives of The Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace and the global Catholic peace network Pax Christi International gathered April 11th to 13th to focus on the hope and … Continue reading

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The Paris Attacks – Reflection

Reflection – Mary E. Latela, 11/15/2015 There was no religious or human justification for the violence in Paris, says Pope Francis. I want to say, “Stop!” I do not want to analyze why people choose to hurt one another , … Continue reading

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The Precious Children

According to a recent article in the Huffington Post by Katie Sola, “Girl Fell From Tree, Visited Jesus In Heaven And Awoke Cured, Mom Claims In New Book.” A little girl claims she went to heaven after she fell from … Continue reading

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