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Orlando: Scene of Mass Killings

Orlando – Scene of Mass Killings, June 12, 2016 Mary E. Latela This morning a terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida, took the lives of 50 souls and injured more than 50 others as a man decided to vent his rage/confusion/arrogance … Continue reading

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Remember Them

Memorial Day, reflection by Mary E. Latela. May 30, 2016   What is the most important task of those who have lost loved ones – To remember them, never, never to forget them! On this Memorial Day and from time … Continue reading

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The Children Left Behind

The Children Left Behind After Mass Shootings  Mary E. Latela, December 10, 2015 “Since no amount of dead bodies seems enough to spur lawmakers to rein in access to guns, let’s focus on the living — the children gun violence … Continue reading

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Mom ~ what just happened?

Is it me or did the world flip  over today? Mary E. Latela, October 19, 2015 My brother called this morning to chat, and to remind me that this is also the anniversary of Mom’s death four years ago, because he knows … Continue reading

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A Young Black Journalist Committed to Change Has been Killed

Reflection. Mary E. Latela  August 1, 2015 Almost daily, our hometown papers and our national news report murder by guns. No death is unimportant, but the heartbreaking story of a young Black journalist is particularly worthy of note. Frustration, anger, and confusion fill … Continue reading

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The Blessing of Hospice with Info for Writers

My friend Pastor Sandra called me one Sunday morning. Her mother was at Hospice, and she asked if I’d stop in, since she herself had a service to lead at her church. Of course, I went. When I arrived and explained who … Continue reading

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Amazing Grace Moment

Obama’s “Amazing Grace” Moment If we were to make a list of “tags” for the past ten days, we might include any and all of the following: death, life, loss, racism, hatred, forgiveness, worship, gratitude, supreme court, landmark decision, that flag, saying farewell, eulogies, … Continue reading

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