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Reacting to Feedback

Chelsea Clinton (@ChelseaClinron)  opened up an important topic, highlighted in Harvard Business Review,  about the difference between men and women responding to feedback about themselves. So many factors come into play, that I thought I’d follow the trail for a while.For … Continue reading

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Orlando: Scene of Mass Killings

Orlando – Scene of Mass Killings, June 12, 2016 Mary E. Latela This morning a terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida, took the lives of 50 souls and injured more than 50 others as a man decided to vent his rage/confusion/arrogance … Continue reading

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It’s My Vote!

Reflection by Mary E. Latela, March 3, 2016 For several decades, voting in most states was limited to white male landowners, called freeholders. Gradually, the franchise, or right to vote, expanded to include non-landowners, then African-American men, then women, and … Continue reading

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1968 Revisited

Reflection by Mary E. Latela January 16, 2016  I remember the night in 1968 on which the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated. Emotions had been deepening; the tension was palpable. I was watching ABC news when a break-in came. Robert … Continue reading

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Gutsy Adventure, Bee Rowlatt

Mary E. Latela November 27, 2015 Bee Rowlatt is a gifted young author, a mother with a passion for life, and a love of the incredible Mary Wollstonecraft, feminist of the late 1700s. Bee magically makes history alive, as she … Continue reading

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Dear Friend (at Mudroom)

Supremacists – reflection by Mary E. Latela 10/28/2015 My sister on Mudroom, AddyeB, wrote a powerful piece on white supremacy which pours out like lava. She writes: “If only we protected Black girls the way we protect White fragility and … Continue reading

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Mudroom Meditation

Mudroom Meditation – What Are You Worth? Mary E. Latela October 10, 2015 “Come back when your vision is larger. Come back when you’re ready to build an organization. Come back when you’re ready to value your time and not … Continue reading

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Toni Morrison’s Novel for our TIme

God Help the Child by Toni Morrison.  Review by Mary E. Latela @LatelaMary, mlatela@outlook.com, mlatelablog.wordpress.com  Written spring, 2015, excerpted in Ms. Magazine “Letters” section summer 2015 issue. Morrison says she wanted to separate color from race in her latest creation, … Continue reading

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Sexual Abuse – Reaction at Home

Some excellent and powerful stories about help that is not offered to victims of sexual abuse in big churches and other institutions. Check out, for example, a recent set of articles at HuffPost. Let’s get more intimate. How does a family react … Continue reading

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Standing Up Against Injustice

This happened in the mid 1990’s. I was attending a church in which the members were going through a process called ONA. They were going to vote on whether to be open and affirming – of everyone, but particularly of … Continue reading

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