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I’ll Tell You When I’m Ready Mary Ellen Latela, @LatelaMary, mlatela@outlook.com, blog mlatelablog.wordpress.com I write because I can’t turn off the thinking, dreaming, writing button. Success with small press non-fiction starting in the 1980s. Formerly called “inspirational” my work is focused on reflection … Continue reading

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Writing – the Price I Paid

Mary E. Latela, December 19, 2014 I dove into writing because I had a wonderful English teacher in the eighth grade, the late Elizabeth Connellan. Besides all the readings and memorizing vocabulary, our teacher emphasizes good writing, including creative writing.  In … Continue reading

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The Glass Ceiling is Shattered… Again

A couple of weeks ago, you might have heard the sound of glass, shattering loudly, like fireworks or a very noise rain, on and on!  Reflection by Mary E. Latela  August 31,2016 Hillary Rodham Clinton has become the first woman … Continue reading

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Let me share something I just realized!

 Think It Over ~  Reflection, Mary Latela, 8/20/2016 For many years, every decision I made was based on either fear or impulse. In fear, I took flight, went away, and lost valuable time/space which I never redeemed. Once I lost 10 … Continue reading

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Stories to Tell

The Aleut Peoples, wordpress Stories, reflection by Mary E. Latela 8/18/2016 It seems that I’ve been collecting stories for a long, long time. That’s good! I recall some lovely times with my Grandma, how she taught me to crochet, and … Continue reading

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Succeed as a Writer? Yes, you can!

Reflection by Mary E. Latela. Thanks to Jeff Goins for the seeds for this essay. I just read Jeff Goins in-your-face, honest essay about why so few people make it as a writer. Jeff, I look at this a little … Continue reading

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36 Hours

36 Hours by Mary E. Latela, July 9, 2016 When my roommates heard I’d signed up to spend 36 hours in a fall-out shelter –they did not believe me. Part of the reason I took the plunge was to quash … Continue reading

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Me too!

I Know How That Feels by Mary E. Latela, June 4, 2016 At Lit Hub today, I was curious to see what Matthew Norman (author of Domestic Violets) had to say about: “What to Do When No One Shows Up … Continue reading

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But It’s Research

But It’s Research by Mary E. Latela, April 23, 2016 I grew up very close to Long Island Sound, in New Haven, Connecticut, and without realizing it, my heart beat must have been in sync with the ocean’s rhythm.  I smelled … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon

Reflection by Mary E. Latela April 18, 2016 Did you watch the Boston Marathon? I had to watch, and it was sweet! Of course, I had some worry about history repeating itself and another tragic event occurring in real time. … Continue reading

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