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From the Left

FIRST THOUGHTS Wednesday January 11, 2017 by Mary E. Latela I recall that Julia Cameron suggested a morning exercise of about 10 minutes of free writing. As I woke up, so many thoughts blossomed. I am captivated by the story … Continue reading

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A Good Man ~ John Herschel Glenn

A Good Man. Reflection by Mary E. Latela, December 9, 2016 Poets, politicians, scientists, adventurers, cobblers, tinkers – are the stronghold upon which we build our hopes and dreams. Ralph Waldo Emerson would have recognized him,  would have been proud … Continue reading

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Trump & his ‘extra-constitutional’ view of the Presidency

Reflection by Mary E. Latela, December 3, 2016. Some days ago, I wrote about democracy and in particular about the need for honesty and integrity as signposts to keep us on the straight and narrow path of justice. I thought … Continue reading

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National Women’s History Museum Mary E. Latela, M.Div., (copy) Joan Wages, WHM President Dear Ms Wages: I read with enthusiasm your latest NWHM newsletter on the place of women in the computer field. As a women’s issue specialist, I have been … Continue reading

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On Fire for Freedom

On Fire for Freedom by Mary E. Latela, November 3, 2014 We decided to join a political party when a young man came along, who seemed afire with enthusiasm for a better way, for a truly united nation, where people were not … Continue reading

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Let me share something I just realized!

 Think It Over ~  Reflection, Mary Latela, 8/20/2016 For many years, every decision I made was based on either fear or impulse. In fear, I took flight, went away, and lost valuable time/space which I never redeemed. Once I lost 10 … Continue reading

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“Yes, I can.”

Rachel Maddow & Elizabeth Warren (MSNBC)  June 10, 2016 MADDOW: With that kind of a vision, I have one last question for you. You’ll know what I’m getting at but take my question literally. WARREN: OK. MADDOW: And I know you’re … Continue reading

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1968 Revisited

Reflection by Mary E. Latela January 16, 2016  I remember the night in 1968 on which the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated. Emotions had been deepening; the tension was palpable. I was watching ABC news when a break-in came. Robert … Continue reading

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The Price I Paid for Being a Writer.

Mary E. Latela, November 28, 2015 I began to write because I had a wonderful English teacher in the eighth grade, the late Elizabeth Connellan. Besides all the readings and memorizing vocabulary, our teacher emphasized good writing, including creative writing.  … Continue reading

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Pope Francis, Thank You for Coming to our Home

Gracias, buena Francisco , por venir a nuestra casa. Dios los bendiga en su camino . Mary E. Latela, September 26, 2015 The Visit of Pope Francis to the United States provides much food for reflection. There will be discussions … Continue reading

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