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One Moment in Time

Election of Pope Francis, S.J. March 13, 2013 Reflection by Mary E. Latela 4/22/18 Roman Catholic Cardinals were gathered at the Vatican. After the resignation of Benedict XVI, speculation was viral. I was watching the coverage from the U.S. and my … Continue reading

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Liu Xiaobo has Died

photo of Liu Xiaobo and Doll (European Press Photo Agency) Reflection by Mary E. Latela, 7/15/2017 He is pictured with a doll designed and crafted by his beloved wife, Liu Xia. Liu was a scholar, a writer, whose inspiration forced … Continue reading

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A Pearl More Precious

A Pearl More  Precious.  Reflection by Mary E. Latela. December, 2016 Seventy-five years ago, on December 7th, Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japanese forces. Tonight, I watched “Tora!Tora!Tora!” again. I know the history and the shock of being attacked with … Continue reading

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The Iran Deal or Why I Refuse to Sit on Committees

July 16, 2015                                Earlier this week, United States Secretary of State John Kerry and his entourage informed us that a deal with Iran about nuclear containment had finally been penned, accepted by the committee, and was ready for the President’s … Continue reading

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