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My Blog Title

“We didn’t start the Fire” is the name of my blog. Of course, this is the title of a great hit by Billy Joel about everything that happened before we were old enough to change the world. It reads like … Continue reading

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Some Haiku

blue ocean draws me into the vast forever and back into Now. __________________________________________ the collection grew I thought I had it all but of course it vanished _________________________________________ gray-blue clouds thicken I can feel the rain coming in my bones, … Continue reading

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Family Trees – beyond the charts

I have been doing genealogy research of my relatives for nearly 20 years, and have found some very interesting connections. In addition, I am in frequent contact with a cousin in Italy. However, I am still curious about the little … Continue reading

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After the Crash in the Alps

There was something missing in the early accounts of the recent crash into the French Alps. How could a plane filled with 150 souls slam into the mountainside without any signs? Today (Thursday) we have heard the French Prosecutor recount … Continue reading

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Memory Eternal: Marcus Borg

Originally posted on WIT:
Marcus Borg (1942-2015) Today I attended the memorial service for the New Testament scholar Marcus Borg.  It was one of the most beautiful and moving celebrations of the life and death of a person I have ever…

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Making Peace

peace is elusive but sharing a loaf of bread is something you can chew on (ML) The struggle for world peace is something which people – politicians, poets, preachers, teenagers – understand. Peace, peace, and there is no peace. We … Continue reading

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Hospitality and Meatballs

One word that describes hospitality in my family of origin is “meatball.” After Sunday church and visiting both sets of grandparents, whom we were blessed to have with us for many years, we would come home. Dinner was usually at … Continue reading

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When “Fargo” Came to Fargo

I have many, many stories. For now, I want to tell you what happened when “Fargo” came to Fargo. My daughter and I had just moved to North Dakota so I could be the pastor of a church at the … Continue reading

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Father Abraham

Father Abraham, March 20, 2011 The fullness of joy is to behold God in all. — Julian of Norwich They say that if you decide to explore your family tree, be prepared for some surprises. Our Father … Abraham. Abraham is … Continue reading

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Loving kindness ~ To Receive Graciously

AUNT MARY AND THE ROSES Many spiritual traditions contain a stream of spirituality based on the practice of compassion or loving kindness. His Holiness the Dalai Lama likes to say, “My religion is compassion.” As women, at least in my … Continue reading

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