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Family Violence Law is Killed

In Mississippi, Law to protect victims of family violence dies. Continue reading

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But It’s Research

But It’s Research by Mary E. Latela, April 23, 2016 I grew up very close to Long Island Sound, in New Haven, Connecticut, and without realizing it, my heart beat must have been in sync with the ocean’s rhythm.  I smelled … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon

Reflection by Mary E. Latela April 18, 2016 Did you watch the Boston Marathon? I had to watch, and it was sweet! Of course, I had some worry about history repeating itself and another tragic event occurring in real time. … Continue reading

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Cathy Lamb’s Very Best Friend

Reviewed April 15, 2016 By  Mary E. Latela, @LatelaMary, My Very Best Friend, Cathy Lamb. Kensington Books, 2015. Charlotte Mackintosh has a best friend, Bridget. They spent their growing up years in Scotland, until Charlotte suddenly moved to a secluded island … Continue reading

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Whole Lot of Angry

Reflection by Mary E. Latela, 4/3/16 In the States, there is a great deal of anger, mostly  around the upcoming elections – next November. So many people are being convinced that a new Pres. will boldly, forcefully cure America. If … Continue reading

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