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But Did You Read the Book?

Observations by Mary Latela July 26, 2015 Book Reviews count very heavily these days. Reviews ahead of publication are, at best, speculative. After the flurry around the debut of Harper Lee’s new novel, Go Set a Watchman: A Novel (HarperCollins), … Continue reading

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The Iran Deal or Why I Refuse to Sit on Committees

July 16, 2015                                Earlier this week, United States Secretary of State John Kerry and his entourage informed us that a deal with Iran about nuclear containment had finally been penned, accepted by the committee, and was ready for the President’s … Continue reading

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The Blessing of Hospice with Info for Writers

My friend Pastor Sandra called me one Sunday morning. Her mother was at Hospice, and she asked if I’d stop in, since she herself had a service to lead at her church. Of course, I went. When I arrived and explained who … Continue reading

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Difficult People and Watermelon

Did you ever watch a perfectly beautiful juicy red watermelon fall to the floor and actually hear that splat sound?  It’s shocking. And it’s a big mess to clean up. And if you have company coming in ten minutes, you … Continue reading

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I Am An American – What Does That Mean?

“I am an American and I speak for Democracy.” July 4, 2015 Our high school English teachers assigned an essay on this topic. We did our “pro forma” groan. The best essays would be entered into a contest, prized including … Continue reading

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To Paul Raushenbush

TO: Paul B. Raushenbush ‏@raushenbush 1h1 hour ago You asked: What are white Christians doing to support and protect black churches in the south? Tweet me if you know #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches Paul, I was dismayed to realize the depth of racism, … Continue reading

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