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Brian Stiltner Develops a Striking Map for Thriving Communities

Reviewed by Mary E. Latela February 27, 2016 Toward Thriving Communities: Virtue Ethics as Social Ethics by Brian Stiltner is a rich, clear, and engaging examination of how to meld Virtue Ethics and Social Ethics for the betterment of individuals and communities. … Continue reading

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Cathy Lamb Shines with Debut Novel

Julia’s Chocolates, reviewed  by Mary E. Latela, February 21, 2016   Cathy Lamb’s debut novel is rich, dark, and intense, but there is much more. She escapes from her sadistic fiance, moves in with quirky, lovable Aunt Lydia, and makes new … Continue reading

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Let the Children Learn

Let the Children Learn (Part II) by Mary Latela @LatelaMary In Grade 9, the year of Algebra, our class was treated to “the New Math.” This was a very theoretical version from the Yale Math Study Group. Equations? I didn’t … Continue reading

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Interdependence … Are you Serious?

Dependence and Independence are concepts, ideas, hard to explain, and impossible to comprehend when looked at as opposites, or in isolation. These days important teachers remind us that we are interdependent – people with people, people with the earth, animals, … Continue reading

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The Barefoot Lawyer

In May, 2012, Chen Guangcheng escaped from house arrest in China and fled to the American embassy, prepared to continue his work in China. Read his fiercely honest memoir, out on March 1, 2016. Continue reading

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