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Liu Xiaobo has Died

photo of Liu Xiaobo and Doll (European Press Photo Agency) Reflection by Mary E. Latela, 7/15/2017 He is pictured with a doll designed and crafted by his beloved wife, Liu Xia. Liu was a scholar, a writer, whose inspiration forced … Continue reading

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Liu Xiaobo has Died

Liu Xiaobo has Died Reflection by Mary E. Latela, 7/15/2017 Liu was a scholar, a writer, whose inspiration forced him to call out human right decimation in China. Nick Kristof of the New York Times notes: “The Mandela of our … Continue reading

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Has Anything Changed Since 1989?

  Has Anything Changed Since 1989? Reflection by Mary E Latela, June 4, 2017   Thank you to @NickKristof of the NY Times who reminded us that this weekend marks the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Mr. Kristof wrote: … Continue reading

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A Pearl More Precious

A Pearl More  Precious.  Reflection by Mary E. Latela. December, 2016 Seventy-five years ago, on December 7th, Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japanese forces. Tonight, I watched “Tora!Tora!Tora!” again. I know the history and the shock of being attacked with … Continue reading

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Newtown Parents Attacked Again

Newtown Parents Hit Again, by Mary E. Latela,  October 15, 2016 All I had were tears!  Underneath, my anger seethed up, too. “State Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis granted a motion by Remington Arms to strike the lawsuit by the … Continue reading

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The Glass Ceiling is Shattered… Again

A couple of weeks ago, you might have heard the sound of glass, shattering loudly, like fireworks or a very noise rain, on and on!  Reflection by Mary E. Latela  August 31,2016 Hillary Rodham Clinton has become the first woman … Continue reading

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“Yes, I can.”

Rachel Maddow & Elizabeth Warren (MSNBC)  June 10, 2016 MADDOW: With that kind of a vision, I have one last question for you. You’ll know what I’m getting at but take my question literally. WARREN: OK. MADDOW: And I know you’re … Continue reading

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Orlando: Scene of Mass Killings

Orlando – Scene of Mass Killings, June 12, 2016 Mary E. Latela This morning a terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida, took the lives of 50 souls and injured more than 50 others as a man decided to vent his rage/confusion/arrogance … Continue reading

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Remember Them

Memorial Day, reflection by Mary E. Latela. May 30, 2016   What is the most important task of those who have lost loved ones – To remember them, never, never to forget them! On this Memorial Day and from time … Continue reading

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Morgan Freeman, God, and Angry Readers

Morgan Freeman, God, and Angry Readers by Mary E. Latela, May 16, 2016 A  Huffington Post staff writer, Antonia Blumburg, introduces the reader to a television series about God, narrated by actor Morgan Freeman.   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/the-story-of-god-with-morgan-freeman-miracles_us Morgan Freeman is an actor, quite a … Continue reading

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